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Thursday, March 31, 2022


What a time we live in. And how true does the old saying now live that we must remember history lest we forget it. I think at this point most of us agree, but the evil that is commanding serious countries in our midst right now is serious. As a student of WWII, I really do try to avoid overblown hitler comparisons because they are thrown around WAY too much... but it's unavoidable for me at this point: 

 -initial invasion justified by 'false flag' aggression by invaded country 
-military staff afraid to tell leadership of facts on the ground 
-motives quickly change from a 'defensive' action to an aggressive one 
-international community condemns all actions,

Is this not just an opportunistic tyrant disrupting the global community gambling that no one will stop him? We have seen this many times, but not in my lifetime. It's time for us to ALL stand with Ukraine. Not for Ukraine, but for the free world. That tyranny was challenged on the world stage 75 years ago defeated on the graves of millions of lives. We cannot let this stand. We can't let history repeat itself. Here's few ways we can help which go directly to those in need and have low administrative fees to get there: